Eskimo barracuda ice auger manual

Vintage 3HP Eskimo Ice Auger - YouTube Everyone have a great day and a even better up and coming Hard water season. Take Care Alta Ice 8)I have owned an Eskimo which was a good auger. This Vintage Eskimo Auger still sings as it cuts through the ice. I believe it is mid to late 70's. 3hp Tecumseh motor, made in Grafton, WI.

Ice Augers - Ice Fishing Sports & I have been thinking about it for such a long time now. So I have done what everyone does I've asked around. ( remember I'm new at this so i have not caught a lot of fish as of yet and have never ever caught anything very B as of YET)So I believe my choices are for Eskimo =SHARK 71CC 10" QUANTUM Z71Q10SHARK 51.7CC 10" QUANTUM Z51Q10 SHARK 51CC & 9 INCH QUANTUM Z51Q9If Money is no problem ( I have been saving all summer... Am I rht in leaning towards the " 71CC 10" QUANTUM Z71Q10" What do you think " Surflizard" ? Regards Alta Ice Hi " CMMahy" Like I posted before I have been told it is a tank that can be counted on. What have you used and what do you think about the Ice Auger you have used till now? I sold it and bought a 3 hp Jiffy about 25 years ago and the guy that bought it is still using it. Results 1 - 24 of 273. Online shopping for Ice Augers - Ice Fishing from a great selection. Eskimo QB10 Replacement 10-Inch Power Ice Auger Quantum Blades.

Tecumseh Engine, Carburetor- Ice Auger- I can remember drilling all six of my holes through 18" of ice while a guy with a Strikemaster was trying to get through the ice for his first hole. There are a lot of variables that must be considered when seeing a person having problems with there Ice Auger. My bgest beef with eskimos is the serrated hole and how hard it is to redrill old holes. Strikemaster Ice Auger with a Tecumseh TM049XA 2hp powerhead. Can be tweaked to fit but you will need to swap some parts over from the old carb onto this.

Eskimo Barracuda Auger - YouTube ( went through first year with things all piled on sled. ( phase one) It works like a charm This is my third year - Summer - improved my rack and started work on Phase two. Now I say I have given it a lot of thought and drilled a Lot of holes by hand. Have always heard scary stories from people of years gone past. I say it is my time to buy a power Ice Auger......... ( All last year and this one)and Yes, you guessed , as with everything in life all kinds of answers. I now own a Jiffy 2 hp and have never tried a Strikemaster. Eskimo Barracuda with a offset handle, makes it a whole lot faster and easier drilling.

Ice Augers for Sale DICK'S Sporting Goods I have seen most popular brands on the ice and at one time or another they either wouldn't run well or took a long time to go through the ice. ( as I tried for ever on the next hole and gave up)I agree with you and understand what your saying, ice dawg. 8)I wouldn't rule out jiffy or strikemaster yet, they all make a quality product and they all have their pros and cons. Drill through the toughest ice cleanly and efficiently with ice augers from DICK'S. Eskimo HC40 Propane Power Ice Auger. Eskimo Replacement Ice Auger Blades. manual ice augers or clean-operating propane or electric-powered auger.

FOEAO Eskimo Auger owners Unite - Ice Anything and everything Eskimo is welcome here, Pictures, Opinions (yea and nay), Tips, Stories. G' Day All This is my first post of the Season ( well for the season coming up)I'm really new at ice fishing, ( hated the cold all my life until about three years ago.)Started to ice fish about then. -One fellow said he has owned one of them for over ten years now ( and it was a hand me down from his father) and he said that it does not look pretty but he swears it is the hardest working, always starting machine, he would ever want. I think they all have their good and bad points depending on what you expect out of them. and that was the end of our holes for the rest of the day. Having just become a proud Eskimo auger owner myself, I was traded a. There is enough support and parts out there that you can't really go wrong. out drilled one of those Ice Gators last year, and the Barracuda is a 10".

Eskimo barracuda ice auger manual:

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