Koko dosimeter user manual

Increased airway closure is a determinant of airway. The Ko Ko Di Doser incorporates automated dosimetry into the Ko Ko PFT Spirometer, reducing patient testing time and associated expenses, making challenge testing a valuable component when diagnosing lung disease. Asthmatic subjects withheld the use of short acting β2-agonists for 6 h and long. 0.15–200 μmol, using a KoKo dosimeter PDS Instrumentation Inc. Louisville.

ERS guidelines on the assessment of cough European Respiratory. Ko Ko® Legend redefines accuracy through technology and simplicity. Controlled by a dosimeter KoKo DiDoser; nSpire health Inc, Louisville, CO. Hence, most systems still use manual counting, which is tedious and limits.

Spirometry patient coaching - YouTube These low cost, dependable spirometers provide accurate testing for clinical trials, Asthma clinics and the assessment of COPD and other pulmonary diseases. Coach a patient for spirometry testing using a welch Allyn spirometer. Welch Allyn PC-Based SpiroPerfect Spirometer User Guide.

Koko dosimeter user manual:

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