Meade sn5 pier mount manual

Altair <b>Pier</b> Adapter - Skywatcher Celestron & iOptron Multi-<b>Mount</b>

Altair Pier Adapter - Skywatcher Celestron & iOptron Multi-Mount 2 B B H A ® Remove the ETX telescope from its packaging and place it on a sturdy surface. As "Astro-5 EQ" mount Meade LXD75 due to mount model variations, please email us to confirm dimensions Several Vixen mounts due to mount. Fits the Altair/SkyShed 8” Steel Adjustable Pier without any drilling. The existing hole pattern on Altair Piers is the same as the Meade LX200.


Meade When “Country/States” displays, press either one of the SCROLL KEYS to cycle through the choices on the list. Meade 12" - B Blue Bucket. My second pier carries a 12" Meade LX200R on an AP900 mount. The front end is extended with an AstroZap dew shield. The focuser is William's Optics two-speed model with rotating collar.

SOLD 10pier mount plate. - IceInSpace" />

SOLD 10" LX200 GPS + Ultrawedge & pier mount plate. - IceInSpace 4 Telescope Features ...................................................... Looking at or near the QUICK-START GUIDE This Quick Start Guide demonstrates how to install the batteries and eyepiece, and how to observe using the Autostar Arrow keys. I will also sell my pier mounting plate as a complete package OR when the scope and wedge sell together. Included will be Meade 10" LX200 GPS Sony Meade Ultrawedge Meade Tripod Meade MircoFocuser Hand Controller with latest firmware Mounted Losmandy Dovetail Plate for mounting.

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Astronomy Equipment Recommendations Place the ETX on its side and ..the other end of the coiled cord into the coiled cord remove the battery compartment cover (A) Enter Key L K Scroll Scroll Up Down Key Key Make sure that the flip mirror control (K) is in the “Up” position, Keep pressing the ENTER key until "Country/State" appears as shown the diagram above. (nore the prompts requesting "Date" and "Time" for now – these functions will be explained later). Meade 14" SCT Paramount ME Mount Particle Wave Monolith Portable Pier OTA Sold. Meade 14" SCT Meade LX200GPS Fork Mount Meade Giant Field. View details. I have not measured the tracking accuracy. However, manual observations indicate peak error at about 2x that of the NJP.

Meade sn5 pier mount manual:

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