Elation scene setter 48 manual

DMX Lhting Desks - JP Leisure

DMX Lhting Desks - JP Leisure LEDJ RGB 1 Controller, The RGB-1 controller has been desned to control the LEDJ Omni Tri 9, Alu Par Compact Tri, Stage Tri Par 64, Xterior Wash Tri and the IP Tri Par. Playback options include automated, sound-activated or manual RGB color mixing. The Scene Setter can program 48 scenes and 24 chases of 999 steps with a total of. Can be used with any standard USB products including ADJ Elation.

American Dj <u>Scene</u> <u>Setter</u> 24 Channel Conventional.

American Dj Scene Setter 24 Channel Conventional. Chauvet DJ Obey 3, Obey 3 is a compact DMX controller for LED lhts with three channels (red, green and blue only). Buy American Dj Scene Setter 24 Channel Conventional Dimmer Controller Lhting Accessories. I watched a few Youtube videos after reading the manual. Elation STAGE SETTER24 24-Ch DMX Lht Controller Stage Lhting Controller. ADJ Products SCENE-SETTER 48 48 CH DMX DIMMING CONTROLLER.

American DJ <u>Elation</u> <u>Scene</u> <u>Setter</u> 24-Channel DMX Console.

American DJ Elation Scene Setter 24-Channel DMX Console. With 7 preset colour buttons and 4 mode buttons, the RGB-1 can also spectrum mix unlimited colours via the RGB sliders. American DJ Scene Setter Elation Professional 24 Channel DMX Dimming Console. 5 Built-In Chases; Tap Sync Speed From 0.1 Sec to 10 Min; X & Y Manual Scene Crossfade; Audio Trger; MIDI Trger. SC8 System II · Scene Setter 48.

BOTEX <u>Scene</u> <u>Setter</u> DC2448 - j

BOTEX Scene Setter DC2448 - j This controller connects to the LEDJ S-1 via supplied XLR cable and provides a massive amount of control options for the LEDJ Stratos Series and Stage Series. Scene Setter DC 2448. 6 Fader Canaux 25-48 Pour ajuster la valeur des Canaux DMX de 25 à 48. à 48 sélection d'une position concernant la Scène ou. de la présence d'instructions de fonctionnement et de maintenance se trouvant.

Elation scene setter 48 manual:

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