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Download - Manual Patch Point Blank (lastclick thx to: Rumata) - Fixed: min Storage Zeny (lastclick) - Fixed: Optimisation auto Buy (lastclick) - Fixed: not Party Only not working properly in party S block (heero74 thx to: ) - Fixed: Added Server Type 21 support for Demise of Morroc update (code by Ultima Weapon and small fixes by heero) - Fixed: added a missing packet prefix affecting party invite (heero74) - Fixed: couldn't execute console command started with ; from client with server Type 21 (Ultima Weapon) - Fixed: Teleport s level fix for players with teleport level 2. Download Manual Patch. Version Name 1068 Updated on 18th March 2015. Version Name 1067 Updated on 11th March 2015

Freshholding (sli) - Fixed: fix Monster ed Count if count 9999 (lastclick) - Fixed: kore trying to equip an already equipped item (Technology) - Fixed: lock Map_rand Y, lock Map_rand X (Technology) - Fixed: fix buyauto standpoint & distance (lastclick) - Fixed: fix for: upper, lower, mid headgear from other players not showing up correctly. KRO RENEWAL MANUAL PATCH DOWNLOAD Connections to Ragnarok Online. Ragnarok renewal manual patch.

Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Manual Patch Available ========================= ### Open Kore what-will-become-2.1 ========================= Features: - New Server Types and localized tables for official servers (k Lab Mouse, Technology, h4rry_84, Eternal Harvest) - Support for s and status handles in confuration, allows to use duplicate names (Technology, Eternal Harvest) - A lot of changes and additions in network; k RO Server Type tree (Technology) - Default fieldpack updates: New World, Brasilis (midnytblu) - Default tablepack updates (Mushroom, help_us, Technology, Eternal Harvest) - Builtin console command help updates (manticora) - Additions in Wx interface (Eternal Harvest) - Captcha support (Technology) - "party request Player Name" (Eternal Harvest) - Pet system improvements: capture, hatch, info, feed; equip armors trough eq (Technology) - Quest system: "quest" command; tables/(Technology, k Lab Mouse, obsc) - Cooking: "cook" command (Technology) - Refining: "refine" command (Technology) - Show Equip: "se" command (Technology) - Deleting homunculus: "homun fire" (Technology) - Use s on homun/merc: "ssl" command (Eternal Harvest) - Battleground chat: "bg" command (Eternal Harvest) - Map aliases and instances support (Technology) - Hidden Enchant support (Eternal Harvest) - Server rates info (Zloba) - Custom NPC sequences before standard b/s dialog: sell Auto_npc_steps, buy Auto.npc_steps (Eternal Harvest) - target_is Not My Devotee conf option (Technology) - "devotion" message domain, so you can squelch it (Technology) - generator moved to a plugin (Eternal Harvest) - Improved messages about unknown and unhandled packets (Technology) - Protect actor hashes from autovivification (k Lab Mouse, Eternal Harvest) - Local SCons update (k Lab Mouse) Translation updates by: - Indonesian: h4rry_84 - Traditional Chinese: littlewens - Portuguese: Mushroom - Russian: Deni Zka, manticora Ongoing updates for supported servers by: - b RO: Mushroom, dejaime - eu RO: Eternal Harvest - f RO: Mi Da M - id RO: h4rry_84 - i RO: twist3d, Motivus, Eternal Harvest - k RO: Technology - m RO: help_us - p RO: midnytblu - r RO: k Lab Mouse, 4ep T, Eternal Harvest - t RO: Ultima Weapon - tw RO: littlewens Fixes: - help console command output (manticora) - Allow lvl to be optional in use Self_s (Eternal Harvest) - Wrong month in show Time Domains Format (lolzorbot) - auto Response not working (Eternal Harvest) - Excess flooding with background color in Console (Eternal Harvest) - Outgoing chat and chatroom encoding (Technology) - Rewrite of auto S/Stat Raise, they're Tasks now (Technology, Eternal Harvest) - auto Move On Death_x and _y are now optional (Eternal Harvest) - Wrong message in pet capture result (Eternal Harvest) - Fix autovivification in attack Auto tank Mode (Eternal Harvest) - Missing message for failing deal because of storage (Eternal Harvest) - Missing Task:: With Subtask:: DESTROY (Technology) - calc Rect Area checking for nonwalkable tiles on the wrong side (allanon256) - Create log directory recursively (Eternal Harvest) - Empty filenames in "unable to load" errors (Eternal Harvest) - Fixes in plugins processing (Technology) - New vender packet (Technology) - Incoming ingame mail message (Technology) - update (help_us) - Crash after font change in Wx (Technology) - Hotkey packets in XKore 2 (Zloba) - tank Mode for homunculi and mercenaries (Technology) - Indexes were truncated in long cash store list (Eternal Harvest) - Invalid arguments assertion when attacking - nore actors outside of map (Technology) - Monster name and points in Taekwon Mission (Technology, woozc) - Private message packet structure for ST22 (Ultima Weapon) - "Deal cancelled" spam (Eternal Harvest) - SVN Auto Updater fixes (k Lab Mouse, Eternal Harvest) - Guild allies and enemies (Eternal Harvest) - Crash with Pin Code (k Lab Mouse) - Incorrect storage password on BSD, Linux (Eternal Harvest) - Conf blocks of the same type in different files (Eternal Harvest) - target_hp for mercenaries (Eternal Harvest) - Encoding (Technology) - Do not teleport to avoid monster when already dead (BMP) - Guild creation (k Lab Mouse) - Do not query GMs with getplayerinfo (k Lab Mouse) - Exp, member titles and jobs display in guild info (Technology) - Assert in Actor List (Technology) - Crash in party S_not Party Only (Technology) - Hp percent assumed to be 0 when max hp is undefined (Technology) - Confured char Block Size had no effect for some STs (kaliwanagan) - master _packet with XKore 1 (Technology) - Some statuses couldn't be recognized (johnny) - Orinal names in sll and petl (Technology) - Rental items (Technology) - Walk speed (Technology) - smart Heal interaction with Meditatio and mercenaries (Technology) - Matk and walk speed for mercenaries (Technology) - mercenary_when Status Active self condition (Technology) - Mercenary was not removed when it's duty is over (Technology) - Crash when receiving NPC buy list after NPC cancel (Ultima Weapon) - Heal target display for Potion Pither (Eternal Harvest) ========================= ### Open Kore 2.0.7 ========================= - Feature: additional "label" parameter "block" to change conf block header. Syntax: conf | block) [new_value] Examle: conf apples Etc.block Meat - Feature: route_avoid Walls conf option. Download the Manual Patch here. Unzip the file into your existing CABAL folder Default folder name CABAL Online Europe and overwrite existing.

RO Patcher Lite, v2.4.15.746 - last updated 2017/04/01 - Client. - Fixed: Pets are no longer being seen as monsters, support for extended pet packet(Technology) - Feature: Mercenary&Homun controlling (Eternal Harvest) - Feature: Mercenary&Homun handling (Eternal Harvest) - Fixed: Monster-based mercenaries detection (Eternal Harvest) - Fixed: status timer support (Technology) - Fixed: XKore 2 on 8_5 (Technology) - Feature: Hotkey support for XKore 2 (Technology) - Feature: Ingame auction support (Technology) - Feature: Ingame mail support (Technology) - Fixed: item ID === user ID in packet_useitem hook (k Lab Mouse) - Fixed: Kore can't connect to eu RO (bibian) - Fixed: 3rd class jobs recognition (Technology) - Translations: (h4rry84 Littlewens) - Feature: SVN Auto Updater tool (k Lab Mouse) - Fixed: Posseidon Hack Shit support (k Lab Mouse) - Fixed: stuck when item Take/Gather (Eternal Harvest ) - Fixed: in_game hook (ezza) - Fixed: alchemist and blacksmith ranking points (h4rry84) - Fixed: Hairstyle and haircolor were messed up in character creation (Eternal Harvest ) - Fixed: s usage for server Type 8 using xkore 2 (Technology) - Fixed: walking speed not being sent to the client on xkore 2 (bibian) - Fixed: send weapon/shield apearance to client on xkore 2 (bibian) - Fixed: Let xkore2 handle Sync'ing for server Type 8, 8_1, 8_2, 8_3, 8_4 instead of the RO client. Go download a newer and updated client from other source. then use this. i cant patch my rsu-lite-renewal patcher. but my kro patcher lite patched smooty. 0. My question is that how does the manual patch thing work?

Ragnarok Revolution KRO Patch Client - Attribute Gaming Software. (Technology) - Fixed: fix Homunculus sub process Feeding. Windows › General › Ragnarok Revolution KRO Patch Client. Ragnarok revolution patch download

Kro ragnarok patch download renewal manual (lastclick thx to: Aib0) - Fixed: send Homunculus Move causing disconnection on server Type 8 family servers (Technology) - Feature: Added load Plugins 3 for skipping plugins. Counter strike 1.6 main theme download Kro renewal manual patch download. KRO SAKRAY PATCH RAGNAROK ONLINE Download Ragnarok Online Sakray Patch.

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Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - <u>Manual</u> <u>Patch</u> Available
RO <b>Patcher</b> Lite, v2.4.15.746 - last updated 2017/04/01 - Client.
Ragnarok Revolution <em>KRO</em> <em>Patch</em> Client - Attribute Gaming Software.
<u>Kro</u> ragnarok <u>patch</u> <u>download</u> renewal <u>manual</u>
RO <strong>Patcher</strong> Lite, v2.4.14.734 - last updated 2017/03/03 - Page 2.
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