Diacro 4 shear maintenance manual

How to Adjust Diacro Manual Shear - The The machines were such great values, thousands of them are still in operation today. How to Adjust Diacro Manual Shear. Joined Sat Dec 21, 2002 am Location Onalaska, WA USA. Site Software Q&A and Maintenance Notices

Power Shear We owned and manufactured the HTC and Diacro/Triacro lines of Press Brakes. Without the express written consent of Di-Acro, Incorporated. Note If Shear is equipped with switches for automatic triping use wiring diagrams shown on page.

Power Shear - NEMES While these hard working machines are no longer manufactured, Pacific Press is proud to offer OEM replacement parts, including: Looking to get hher productivity out of your an HTC, Diacro or Triacro press brake? Di-Acro. 36 Power Shear. OPERATOR'S MANUAL & INSTRUCTIONS. Tips for Most Efficient Operation. Parts List. Page 3. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6.

Parts for HTC/Diacro-Triacro Press Brakes - Pacific Press While we have discontinued manufacturing the machines, our parts availability and support carry on. We offer OEM parts and support for HTC, Diacro/Triacro and Johansson Drill line of pressbrakes, including bushings, bearings, gibbing and cylinders HTC.

Di-acro hand operated machines general brochure - Sterling. With all the orinal prints at our disposal, we make it quick and easy to get the rht OEM part to maximize uptime on your HTC, Diacro/Triacro and Johansson Drill Presses machines. Square Mild Steel Bar 1/4” 6.4mm w 9.5mm v2" 12.7mm 1w' iaimm. Steel Tubing - 16 gauge V2” 12. number of parts to be duplicated. Angle Stop. Hy versatile Di-Acro Finger Brakes lend finger segments make it possible to form speed and. Shearing Width 12” 304.8mm 24" 609.6mm 36” 914.4mm. Max. Capacity.

Hand shear pm Up through the early 90s, Hydra-Tool Corporation (HTC) and Diacro/Triacro provided manufacturers with efficient, low-cost workhorses. Di-Acro. Hand Shear. OPERATOR'S MANUAL & INSTRUCTIONS. Di-Acro, Incorporated. PARTS LIST – When ordering, specify part number and part name for.

Parts for Hydraulic Presses, Press Brakes and Shears - Pacific Press HTC, Diacro/Triacro and Johansson Drill Presses machines are our specialty for a reason. Find HTC, Diacro/Triacro, Johansson Drill press parts. Parts for hydraulic presses, press brakes and hydraulic plate shears. have manuals, parts kits and cross references available; And, we stock OEM parts for HTC, Diacro/Triacro and.

Hand Operated Shears Manual Machines Di-Acro® Di-Acro hand shears offer precision shearing with burr-free edges. They are ideal for use on lht & medium weht sheet metal, plastics, rubber, fabric, leather, synthetics, dielectrics & various other materials. OBSOLETE SPARE PARTS.

Shear Manual OPERATOR'S MANUAL & INSTRUCTIONS. Sale or distribution of manuals is strictly prohibited. The Di-Acro Shear is shipped partially “knocked down” for.

Diacro 4 shear maintenance manual:

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