Canon broadcast lens service manual

Home True Lens Services Broadcast and Cine • Optical simulation by use of computer-aided desn • Best glass positioning for each shifting element, on the basis of the above simulation. 2.2m (0.4m at wide end with macro) • Hh optical performance for CCD• Faster and more quiet servo performance for zoom and focus • maximum speed...zoom:0.8secmaximum speed...focus:1.0sec • Low power consumptionmaximum 2A 24W when zoom/focus/iris/extender are operated at the same time • Outward appearance to be in harmony with the camera SUPER 55 Lens Model Number PJ55x9B IEZoom Ratio 55x Built-in Extender 2.0x (1.5x:option)Range of Focal Length (with Extender) 9~500mm 18~1000mm (2.0x)Maximum Relative Aperture (with extender) 1:1.4 at 9~202mm 1:2.8 at 500mm 1:2.8 at 18~404mm (2.0x) 1:5.6 at 1000mm (2.0x)Angular field of view (with Extender) 4:3 Aspect Ratio (8.8 x 6.6mm) 52.1° x 40.3° at 9mm 1.0° x 0.76° at 500mm 27.5° x 20.8° at 18mm (2.0x) 0.5° x 0.38° at 1000mm (2.0x)16:9 Aspect Ratio (9.6 x 5.4mm) 56.1° x 33.4° at 9mm 1.10° x 0.62° at 500mm 29.9° x 17.1° at 18mm (2.0x) 0.55° x 0.31° at 1000mm (2.0x)Minimum Object Distance (M. D.) 2.2m (0.5m with Macro) from front lens vertex Object Dimensions at M. True Lens Services repair, service and test film and video lenses. They have a. Lens Servicing, Repairing & Testing Hh Specification Calibration Equipment.

Page 1 CdAIOI ECT/LENS ACCESSOF / ZSD-300D SERVO ZOOM Having a 55x zoom ratio of any broadcast lens, Canon's J55X SUPER also has the following outstanding specifications:• 9mm at wide end focal length • M. Using the product. Keep the manual safe so that it can be referenced when it is needed. Thank you for purchasing the ZSD-300 Servo Zoom Demand in Canon's TV Zoom Lens. Accessory. this operation manual require special service manuals and training in some cases. Broadcast Equipment . Canon Inc.

Canon Camcorder Zoom Manual Camera Lenses Unfortunately, it seemed that sea water got into the lens either from the autofocus switch, the “weather seal,” or the extended barrel when you zoom out. I was so focused on composing that I had forgotten to check the equipment conditions. Results in Canon Camcorder Zoom Manual Camera Lenses. 1-23 of 23. Canon J15ax8B4 VRS SX12 BCTV Broadcast Zoom Lens IF+ Crossover 15x. This lens has been used, and is in good. PARTS AND REPAIR. LOCAL PICKUP.

Canon broadcast lens service manual:

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